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Mylands Waxes & Woodcraft Finishes



Mylands Fine Wood Finishes has been producing quality furniture paste waxes and wood finishing products since 1884.

Mylands' reputation as a leading supplier to furniture makers, antique restorers and craftsmen has been built upon a policy of using only the very best raw materials available, in conjunction with a rigorous quality control procedure to assure that their exacting standards are consistently met. 

Mylands waxes and polishes have become a popular choice with woodturners, woodworkers and on repurposed & painted furniture!


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Mylands Waxes

Mylands Wax was formulated over 100 years ago for antique furniture conservators and restorers. Mylands Wax has a unique formula that combines the finest natural waxes including beeswax, carnauba and shellac wax. Mylands wax can be used on all interior wood surfaces over virtually any finish 


Shellac Polishes

Shellac is such a versatile product, from finishing antiques to using as a non-reactive barrier between two normally  more...






Woodturning Finishes

For the woodworkers and woodturners! The following system has been successfully used as the best finishing system for decorative turned items





Oil Finishes

These are exceptional quality oils and would be a great addition to many people’s finishing










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